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Board member Apryl Lyttle recently visited Desert Rose High School and met the coordinator of Project 150 at the school and found that he was very passionate about making sure the needs of the students were met. They are receiving food from Three Square, but the main issue with Three Square is that the inventory is hit-or-miss. For example they will be out of water sometimes for three or four weeks at a time, or they will only have ramen and other high-sodium foods that are not the best for growing students. Some of the students turn 18 while attending school. This means that one day they go from having free breakfast and lunch, bus passes, etc., to nothing. No free services. Project 150 has provided a fridge, microwave and tables, and allows those students to eat for free in their room. As such, they've asked for snacks like energy granola bars and easy to prepare items like cracker packs with tuna or chicken, as well as microwavable individual macaroni and cheese or rice cups. They also will take fresh fruit that is an individual serving, like apples and oranges. Additionally, the students take bags of food home, for one person, a family of four, or a family of 6. The bags contain food such as macaroni and cheese, applesauce, chili, etc. Those food items come from Three Square. The biggest need seems to be water and lunch foods. Finally, it was mentioned that the school nurse seems to always have a demand for full-sized deodorant and feminine pads. They've asked if we'd be willing to provide them. They also said they would be so grateful if we would collect over the summer so we could help stock their pantry in August. So, to recap and condense this into one list, here are the needs of Desert Rose High School:

  • Bottled Water
  • Energy Granola Bars and Snacks
  • Tuna or Chicken and Cracker Packs
  • Individual Macaroni and Cheese or Rice Cups
  • Other easy to prepare mini meals or snacks
  • Fresh fruit
  • Full size deodorant
  • Feminine Hygiene pads only

Thanks so much for your generosity and once again demonstrating that Democrats Care!