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Assemblywoman Brittany Miller


February General Meeting

Wednesday, 02/28/2018

Forum of CD 3 Democratic Candidates

Richard Hart

Susie Lee

Jack Love

Steve Shiffman

Michael Weiss

Temple Sinai

9001 Hillpointe Road, Las Vegas, NV  89134


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Building the Democratic Party in Summerlin & Western Valley

The members of our club cordially invite you to attend our monthly meetings. Featured speakers include Democratic elected officials, Democratic candidates, and prominent experts on public policy issues.

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We are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging local registered Democrats to participate in their own areas.
  • Establishing a grassroots effort concentrating on the western area of Las Vegas.
  • Promoting Democratic candidates to represent this area and aid their elections.
  • Disseminating information promoting Democratic candidates and policies.
  • Promoting the registration of new Democratic voters.
  • Providing a forum and offer assistance to Democratic candidates.

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2018 Gold Members

  • Michael Aupperle
  • Nina Aryaie
  • Larry Beer
  • James Birnie
  • Leila Birnie
  • Edith Byrd
  • Nicole Cannizzaro
  • Zach Conine
  • Frank Fopiano
  • Ellen Fumo
  • Manny Garcia
  • Sherry Garcia
  • M W Herring
  • Jason Hunt
  • Marsha Kelly
  • Kris Kolhoss
  • Monica Kolhoss
  • Dan Kruger
  • Ginni Kruger
  • Linda Marquis
  • Marilyn Marquis
  • Andrew Martin
  • Brittany Miller
  • David Orentlicher
  • Lani Paz
  • Jeff Rogan
  • C Heather Senn
  • John Senn
  • Jennie Sherwood
  • Gloria Sturman
  • Robert Telles
  • Marla Turnerr
  • Michael Weiss
  • Ann Zimmerman
  • Deecie Zimmerman