Building the Democratic Party in Summerlin & western valley

The members of our club cordially invite you to attend our monthly meetings. Featured speakers include Democratic elected officials, Democratic candidates, and prominent experts on public policy issues.

We are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging local registered Democrats to participate in their own areas.
  • Establishing a grassroots effort concentrating on the western area of Las Vegas.
  • Promoting Democratic candidates to represent this area and aid their elections.
  • Disseminating information promoting Democratic candidates and policies.
  • Promoting the registration of new Democratic voters.
  • Providing a forum and offer assistance to Democratic candidates.

Attend our next meeting to see for yourself that this organization warrants your membership!

Past Featured Speakers 

Red Rock Democratic Club Gold Members 

  • Howard Beckerman
  • Congressman Jim Bilbray
  • Stewart & Leila Birnie
  • Edith Byrd
  • Judge Elissa Cadish
  • John Cahill
  • Nicole Cannizzaro
  • Dr. Dwayne & Carol Chesnut
  • Frank Fopiano
  • Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani
  • Monica & Kris Kolhoss
  • Dan & Ginni Kruger
  • Herman Pennington
  • Bev Norton
  • Hon.Susan Scannapieco
  • Hon.Gloria Sturman
  • George Trachtman
  • Rose Jones-Wade
  • Deecie Zimmerman