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2023 Trivia Night Flyer

Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, September 27, 6:30pm
Temple Sinai 9001 Hillpointe Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89134

*To attend via Zoom CLICK HERE

2023 Sept Meeting Flyer


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 Welcome to Our Newest Club Members!

Linda Barnett
Donald Davey - Gold Member
Martha Collins - Gold Member
Jean Tauffer
Walt Sturrock
Deborah Shomsky
Melanie Scheible -Gold Member
Helena Chena - Gold Member
Wendy Johnston - Gold Member
Judy Phelps
Michele Ingalls - Gold Member
Michael Pennock
Denise Gerdus
Constance Van Blarcum - Gold Member
Susan Shniepp - Gold Member
Christine Kramar
Jordan Martinek
Lisa Hahn
Michele Gorelow


2023 Gold Members

  1. Aryaie, Nina
  2. Aupperle, Barbara
  3. Aupperle, Mike
  4. Backus, Shea
  5. Beckerman, Howard
  6. Beer, Nick
  7. Berkely, Shelly
  8. Best, Shawn
  9. Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon
  10. Bishop, Christian
  11. Bowen, William
  12. Brent, Jason
  13. Cain, Hunter
  14. Cannady, Raeshan 
  15. Cardiff, Edith
  16. Cardiff, Kevin
  17. Carter, Janet
  18. Charter, Stephanie
  19. Chen, Helena
  20. Collins, Martha
  21. Dart, Betsy
  22. Dart, Jim
  23. Davey, Donald
  24. Davis, Elyse
  25. Dondero Loop, Marilyn
  26. Fopiano, Frank
  27. Goodey, Jessica
  28. Gulliksen, Christian
  29. Hendrickson, Fredrick
  30. Hendrickson, Alice
  31. Herring, Michael
  32. Holland, Sharon
  33. Ingalls, Michele
  34. Ivanov, Georgi
  35. Jaffe, Lon
  36. James, Brian
  37. Johnston, Wendy
  38. Kelly, Marsha
  39. Khoshaba, Deborah
  40. Kitchell, Joseph
  41. Kolhoss, Kris
  42. Kruger, Dan
  43. Machnich,Tegan
  44. Migliore, Valerie
  45. Miller, Fikisha
  46. Nakamura, Ellen
  47. Nguyen, Duy
  48. Nguyen, Rochelle
  49. Okawa, Ginny
  50. Oliman-Ridenour, Spencer
  51. Paz, Lani
  52. Puckett, Tracy
  53. Quitt, Jonathan
  54. Radford, Deidre
  55. Radford-Bowen, Michele
  56. Rutherford, Lawrence
  57. Scheible, Melanie
  58. Schniepp, Susan
  59. Schoen, Janis
  60. Sciscento, Joseph
  61. Skewis, Richard
  62. Solomon, Christian
  63. Stein, Leslie K.
  64. Sutton, Les
  65. Throneberry, Joe
  66. Torres, Sabrina
  67. Van Blarcum, Constance
  68. Wand, Austin
  69. Weisdorf, Joyce
  70. Whitmer, Judith
  71. Wolfson, Stephen
  72. Yeager, Steve
  73. Zaidi, Sayed
  74. Zimmerman, Deecie

Building the Democratic Party in Summerlin & Western Valley

The Red Rock Democratic Club is a private political club.  Events are open to paid members and sponsored guests by invitation only.  The members of our club cordially invite you, A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, to attend our monthly meetings. Featured speakers include Democratic elected officials, Democratic candidates, and prominent experts on public policy issues.

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We are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging local registered Democrats to participate in their electoral processes.
  • Establishing a grassroots effort concentrating on the western area of Las Vegas.
  • Promoting Democratic candidates to represent this area and aid their elections.
  • Disseminating information promoting Democratic candidates and policies.
  • Promoting the registration of new Democratic voters.
  • Providing a forum and offer assistance to Democratic candidates.